War of Thrones – A Game of Royal Revolution


In this 3D war adventure, defend your clan against the enemies to be the Ultimate king of your world!

Keep an eye on the radar and kill them as they attack your base!

Warrior! You have some insane arms with you. So go get ready!

Use your insanely powerful machine gun and ruthless rocket launchers to blow away the enemy!

And don’t forget to use the air strike team as a backup to quickly clear the field.

Win the war and bring the royal revolution by getting this game now!

3D Destruction By Police Car – Racing The Big Drift Race


Cars with crazy nitro boosts and powerful weapons are what make this game super destructive and addictive!

This game can be hard to win, considering you are playing against other players.

But don’t get too nervous if your competition passes you though, blast em with your weapons and wreck their cars off the track.

Make sure you pick up power ups along the way as they will make your car almost impossible to beat

Challenge your friends to see who can win the most games.

Download this game now for super awesome racing!

King Idiot 1 – Are you smart ?

icon175x175 (1)

If you’re NOT an idiot… Prove it!
. 9 levels of brain-damaging challenges
. Hundreds of mind-bending puzzles that cripple weak brains
. Addictive challenges not fit for the stupid
. Worldwide Scoring to see how you stack up to other idiots

Would you like to be the King of all Idiots?

In “King Idiot: Chapter 1: Are You An Idiot?” you will be transported to the wonderful, yet crazy land of Idiotopia, where your goal is to go from a tiny-brained nobody, to becoming King of all idiots.

To do so, you must pass multiple levels of brain-smashing challenges that may turn you into a drooling, babbling moron. Yes, it is likely you will curse while playing trivia or taking an IQ test or quiz, and it may break even the strongest of wills (and IQ’s.)

As you play, you will progress through the beautiful world of Idiotopia, meeting ridiculous creatures, hilarious characters, and maybe even a re-animated, barely dressed undead hottie.

If you’re already having doubts about your cognitive ability, don’t worry. Helping you traverse Idiotopia and the brain-punishing obstacles will be your feeble-minded guide, “Dimwit” and his genius frog “Gorf.” Yes, a frog will be your source of guidance and wisdom… that’s how smart you are. Only a fool would not listen to Gorf.

*Warning* – play this puzzle game at your own risk! I cannot be held responsible for damage brain cells, lost memory, stupid remarks, broken iOS devices due to game rage, players losing their minds, or the dunking of their device into a tub of water in an attempt to stifle the game once and for all! Remember, iOS devices are not microwave safe.

PS: If you cannot get to Milestone #1, then you’re an idiot. For real. Good Luck & Have fun! Go play with some kids.

PPS: If you like “Fart” apps, don’t even attempt trying this game. You’ll just overheat your brain and end up a vegetable. You wouldn’t be able to be the queen, let alone the king.

King and Queen High Roller Slots


Fun to play and easy to win! This unique combination of kings and Queens is bound to keep you entertained for hours.

Enjoy the Las Vegas excitement, right on your phone whenever you want. Incredible!

Super easy to play; Bet the money, spin the wheel and let the app do the rest.

Test your luck and see how soon you win that magical Jackpot!

Download it now!

Can You Escape the 3D Fat Robots?


A crazy robot is running after you and it will kill you if you get caught!

What will you do? Obviously fight or run to escape!

This game is very fun robot fighting and escaping twisted game!

Your job is to collect coins to win beat level and along with the coins you have to collect the swords to kill the robots!

Super fun and addicting game for all aged kids, and even adults will spend hours playing this addicting game.

Get this game and have fun with 3D fat robots!

Race to Feed the Baby Dragon


It’s here — the IPAD version of Starving Dragon!

Feed your starving dragon or it will die, and then a bigger dragon, the poppa dragon, will most definitely come to eat you, and then it will proceed to eat everything in your village… and when you think the nightmare is over, it will laugh and eat the whole kingdom, possibly expanding out to all nations. You can’t call the medieval police for this one.

This starving little dragon could be the end to everything as you know it.

This tiny dragon is insatiable, and the king and queen of the realm have tasked you with quite an adventure — to make sure you feed it tiny monsters, frogs, a turkey, and even birthday cake. All you know is it is time to kick it into high gear and get the feeding going.

You do this by shooting the food into its mouth. But your buddy, the baby elephant in diapers doesn’t make it easy for you. He blows air at you, causing your food tosses to arc. Your buddy should mind his own business.

Miss the tiny starving dragon’s mouth too often, and it will will starve. That is bad news.

Then the dragon lord (baby’s dad) will come and make you pay for your crime of starving it’s little boy by eating up all the human boys and girls in your city, and then move on to eat all kids in the world. For this there is no defense.

This failure would not be a good story to tell over the ages or to put on your resume. In fact it would be a top failure for sure.

So grab a frog before it jumps away, and shoot it right into the mouth of the dragon. You can play in different locations, such as Mushroom Village and Hobbit Land. There’s even a beautiful park just outside the zombie tower next to ace city.

But don’t fall into the pitfall of flicking your food too quickly without aiming. Where there’s patience, there is success. Flick accurately!

Let’s cut to the chase… Starving Dragon is an amazing and addictive free game requiring a little strategy but most of all, good aiming. It’s a race against time as you chase the goal of filling the little dragon up. This may just be the best time you’ll ever have. Will you get dragon mania? Will you let it starve?

Compatible with facebook so you can challenge your friends.

Beautiful HD retina graphics for ipad. Get it, it’s a smart choice.

Don’t Shoot Waldo : The Bow and Arrow Adventure Game


☆☆☆☆☆ – “A super fun archery game where beating your previous streak is the goal!” – AppReviewer

Hitting a target with your bow and arrow is easy. But hitting a your target without killing Waldo, well that is a different story.

You live in a kingdom and age where running from monsters and zombies is a part of life. You’re best defense is a bow and arrow. Pull your magical bow from your pocket, aim, and fire it off as if you are in battle.

But right now you and your buddy just want to have fun. You’ve left your village so you don’t get scolded, and Waldo has placed a small jewel vase on his head for you to hit. Try to hit the target off of his head and you’ll be in business.

This is not a game where you race against time. No Racing needed. Take your time, draw your bow, aim, and fire off the arrow like you’re an ace. Cut the tiny target down off of Waldo’s head and jump to the next level. Will you run out of the ability to carefully aim the arrow before you reach it?

Don’t worry, Waldo is like the ice man, cool and collected, with nerves of steel. He escaped the dragon maze that was full of monsters at the wizard tower, so he is a pretty touch kid. Kick it into high gear, be smart, and see if you can get to level 20 in this amazing and addicting shooting game.

How far can you shoot? Are you as good as Robin Hood? If a zombie comes after you one day, this training could be invaluable to save yourself and your family. Be careful and avoid the pitfall of shooting too quickly. A good strategy is to take your time. This isn’t a timed puzzle game, so take your time once again.

Will you have bow and arrow mania when it is all said and done? Will you be at the top of the leaderboards?

Archery shooting has never been this much fun and addictive. And this free ( gratis ) adventure game isn’t just for kids — this game is suitable for all boys and girls of all ages, including adults.

Frenzy Fishing


Grab your fishing pole, it’s time to go fishing!

You will not only catch fish but also lots of coins and sunken treasures!

The more fish you catch, the more points you will earn.

Be careful about pulling up tires, oil barrels etc while fishing, as they are not worth a lot of points.

So, are you ready to go fishing?

Come see many fish you can catch!

Harlem Shake Video Producer


Have you been trying to make your own Harlem Shake video but find that it is just way too complicated?


With Harlem Shake Video Producer you can create a Harlem Shake video in a little as 2 minutes.

Yes, its that easy!

Here are the super simple steps to creating your very own Harlem Shake video using Harlem Shake Video Producer:

-Step 1: Tap the red button to start recording the first part of the video.
-Step 2: Tap the same red button to start recording the 2nd part of the video.

Thats it! It’s THAT easy!

Our app then puts your two videos together and syncs them with The Harlem Shake Song.

You can then save your video to your phone or iPad, and post it to Facebook or twitter.

Also, if you do not want to use the original Harlem Shake song you can choose from these 3 fresh new Harlem Shake remakes:

-Harlem Shake It Hard
-Harlem Shake It Harder
-Harlem Shake Dubstep Version

Try it out right now and see for yourself just how easy it is to make a Harlem Shake video!

Cowboy Dentist – Wild West Texas Tooth Doctor


The wild, wild west is a tough place to live. Only one dentist in the whole area, and that is you.

Between gun battles, the cowboys come in to get their tabacco riddled teeth fixed by you.

On occasion, they even have teeth bugs that need removing.

Your job is to quickly tap teeth to clean them, or tap bugs to get rid of them before they ruin what few teeth are left in these cowboy’s mouths.

A fun game for the whole family, both boys and girls. Even adults will find this game challenging in the later levels.

Get it today!

Don’t Step On Poo


Aw yuck! But insanely hilarious! This is how everybody feels after playing this addictive tap-run action game.

This nasty little poo game is a quick time killer, no matter when and where you are feeling bored.

The most simplistic controls will instantly get your hooked.

Just tap on any rock on the screen to step there, but be careful, don’t step on poo or you will be a mess!

Play against your friends and see if they can beat your score.

So let the fun begin by getting this game now!